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The struggle with communication begins with the concept of attention.

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Attention Tag

What is attention, but that moment of close inspection!

That want to know and curiosity of reaction.

We poke a person to get a response. We look at someone to get some traction…

But what happens when the attempt fails? Feelings of rejection.

If we get the look and stare we want, What is the action?

That stage fright feeling, of “I’m in your gaze.” That you care enough to acknowledge me.

A fire of performance, A “Give it my all”. Everyone is here because I attract ‘em.

I attempt to listen, to be there for long, but what do you want out of me? Are expectations met? Do people clap? Are you still interested in my telepathy?

When I am ignored, forgotten or left…

Feelings that I am alone gather… They are falsely felt. But are as real as the belt, that lashes my heart and gets tighter.

I feel that we overthink our image. And words being said are given too much.

There is such a thing of “looking desperate” through talk… There is such a thing of rejection from naught.

There is also such a thing of memory loss, Spontaneity of thought and doubt.

Thinking about how others think is impossible. But we still expect it of ourselves.

This is what affects our decisions. That hinder our confidence,

It quells our hearts, removes the excitement. And stops the beat that makes it.

The passion dies when the other does not reply At least for the sender who waits and trots.

So then the phone, it rings but your busy. You call back but the moment is lost.

Was it really that important to answer now? What was the thought that was lost?

So when you get a call, don’t think much and just react. The reason there is a call in the first place, Is because someone is wanting to chat.

When you are called… do you answer?


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