A Spiritual Revelation in an Atheist’s Heart
A Spiritual Revelation                        


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ALL PICTURES ARE FROM MY TRIP** I went to India in November this year, to attend my friends' wedding (two of my close friends getting married to each other!).

This is a love letter to a country, people and culture... This is a love letter to India.

I came with no expectations, but left with an amazing experience that has certainly changed my life for the better.

I will return to India, I promise...

A Spiritual Revelation in an Atheist’s Heart

To the most Ancient Culture I have experienced- India,

I am not sure if it was the food I fell in love with first, or the women. The ancient significance of family values, love and peace or the philosophical understanding of reality as we see it.

There are so many reasons my trip was significant, life changing and eye opening. Not just a feeling of “I can’t believe this exists” overcame me. But mainly a feeling of belonging, that “I fit in here”, of serenity and happiness.

Every conversation was effortless in India, meaningful in a way that imbued some sort of spiritual understanding that is missing out of modern consumerism and politics in the world.

Individual people were never the topic when I was around in a conversation, (or at least I never paid attention to them), but instead a larger understanding of how the world works, how the human psyche reacts and finds meaning.

Places of ancient times radiated knowledge without speaking, I consumed it with the most joy I have felt since I began my interest in Buddhist culture. Everything made sense, and everyone cared.

A sense of the individual was lost as I became one of the many worshipers to the oldest living deities in our universe.

Though I still do not believe in god, gods or sacrifices, the respect I have for the understanding of reality came forth at every temple I visited.

Every-time I pushed aside my neo-liberal Christian and western ties, I fell deeper into the culture.

My humility and willingness to learn put me into a position to absorb all the lessons that these gods of old and wise culture had to teach.

But don’t get me wrong, there were times I felt I was in a strange alien land, where something that was an ancient norm seemed wrong, and I had another ancient teaching to back my view.

But I still succumbed to it and dived head first into the practice out of respect.

My body being clean of corpses helped me understand the serenity it brings while in front of these powerful spiritual beings and objects.

My views as an atheist were toppled as I found peace in staring at a statue that has the history of manifesting itself out of thin air.

My understanding of food was changed as it was prepared so well and deliciously, I would gladly give up my ties just to eat it always!

Everything seemed like it was empowered with some sort of meaning through a human rather than a machine, and those values penetrated my mind and heart.

I never found a culture or country that has accepted me for who I was the way India did.

I was even asked to raise Balaji up high on my shoulders the moment I stepped onto the Holy ground in Tharupathi.

Even being half Brazilian, my view on the world clashes with western neo-liberal values that all of the Americas hold in their heart like a cancer.

I yearn for the simplicity of human nature, chaos of people and the true meaning of what it means to be a sentient being of high order on the Earth- a product of all life, one with reality and one with the energy we call nature.

In gassho, Alex

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