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Chapter 1 "We have a new case?" asked Ha RI as he entered in the agency with Cheetah and Min Joon.


Chapter 1

"We have a new case?" asked Ha RI as he entered in the agency with Cheetah and Min Joon.

"Yes. I've heard people talking about this on the streets or restaurants but not at the news. So I put Nu-Ri to look for it." Kang Woo said.

The three who entered in the agency approached the people already inside.

"Do you find something Pentium-shi?" Cheetah asked.

"Yes. Look here", he said as he opened different page on the computers than read. "In the past months it's been different case of kidnapping. The victims are all males around 20-25.

The victims said that a strange person around 40-45 was stalking them and days or hours later they woke up in a strange places. Unfortunately not very many victims escaped alive.

The few lucky one said that the person is so crazy that he find pleasure in torturing them.

The dead also the alive victims were badly injured with multiple broken bones, deep cuts and a few were unlucky to be rapped. "

" Mr. Choi we don't do this thing usually. Why now? "Ha RI asked.

"Because someone needs to catch that bastard. Many people suffered and still can suffer because of him."

"And it's not like is the first murder or psychopath we have to deal with." Cheetah said.

"Pentium it's saying why the people who are kidnapped are male and why around 20-25 years old?" Min Joon asked reading the info again.

Pentium scrolled down than said.

"It's said here that because in Korea at the age of 20 the person become legally adult a few of them start to live alone or leave the country.

So they are not many suspicious about the kidnapping until the body is founded. Death or alive. Also the motive for kidnapping only males is not mentioned."

"Kim Min Joon this thing is importantly so it's not time to zoom out." Kang Woo.

Min Joon smiled his usually signature smile than said.

"Hyung I thought you know me better. I don't zoom out when it's about something important. I was just thinking."

The others ocupants including the mentioned one smiled too. Even if it become something usual for Min Joon to call Kang Woo hyung they still can help to not smile when they heard it.

"Brat", Kang Woo said flipping him on the forehead again.


"Ok then. I'm going to meet with nurse Oh than", Cheetah said making the others to give him the Really look. "What? Is not what you think. A few victims have been there or maybe are still there.

I can ask her to help me with some information."

"Ok. I'm going to meet with the Professor to see if he can help me", Kang Woo said. "Ms. Jang you go and talk with Manager Park to see if he new something.

Min Joon-ah it's time for you to go for and late jogging. Keep and eye on everything that is suspected.

Pentium monitore our every move and try to see if you can find video from surveillance cameras that had anything to do with the kidnapping. "

"Yes Mr.Choi" everyone said.

Then everyone left in they're direction except of Nu-Ri who remained inside at the computer.


"Kidnapping? Now are you searching after kidnappers? the profesor asked Kang Woo.

"This is more importantly than the insurance case now. Do you now something about it?"

"Well I know that they've been a series kidnapping around her but they said nothing at the news about it."

"I know. We also found about it on the net."

"Well they are not many things that I can say that you don't know already but one thing I can say.

The person who do that was a normal person until his son died in a car crash because a few kids around 20-25 were drunk and one of them was driving the car.

His son died instantly but the others kids only were injured."

"So that's why he kidnapp people around these age. Tell me professor the kids were all male."

"From what I heard yes." The professor looked around the caffe and got closer to Kang Woo. "Also if it's was me I will keep an better eye on newbie."

"Min Joon-ah? Why? He doesn't anything to do with this."

The professor raised from the chair and walked behind the counter from where he took a map with some files.

"The newbie was looking a little strange when I was I first saw him and I decided to do some dig in with some friends. How old is he?"

"Around 29 why?"

The profesor give him the map and he opened it tooking out the front page.

Kim Min Joon, younger brother of Kim Bom Joon.

Date birth 12 July 1996.

"Are you kidding, right?"

"No. The kid used a fake birth date. And with the clothes he is wearing also I saw makeup on him, it's was making him look older than it's is.

And according to the birth date is age now it's should be..."



"How old are you? In you 40's? Min Joon asked.

"I'm in late 30's."Kang Woo said." What about you?"

" I'm still young. "

End of flashback.

"Shit" he said as he rushed from the caffe.

He entered in the car and tried to call Min Joon but without luck. So he called Pentium.

"Mr. Choi do you find something?"

"Yes but for now I need you to find Min Joon."

"Mr. Kim? Why?"

"Just do it."

"Sure sure."

A few minutes quiet than.

"Mr.Choi why do you want with me? Min Joon asked through the phone.

"Why you didn't answer my call?"

"I didn't hear it. I saw that you called me when I returned with Ms.Jang at the agency."

"Stay there and don't move you brat."

He closed the call the he started the car returning to the agency.

Kid you are going to be the death of me. He though driving.

He still cannot believe why he lied then about his age. And why someone young as him will do dangerous things like he did when they first meet.

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