The Warmth
The Warmth survival stories

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Follow the footprints of a man stranded in the vast Canadian wilderness.

The Warmth

The boots left tracks in the frigid, freshly fallen snow. As each minute passed, the heavy, silent precipitation came to a rest within them, filling the shoes gradually until the only signs of life in the region disappeared once again.

The prints meandered between the swaying trees of a fir forest. And across the frozen metal tracks of a long-abandoned railroad.

They lay faint on the surface of a frozen lake. A slight crack on the ice twisted perilously in a zigzag.

The prints made it to the shore and continued into the skeletons of once densely-populated evergreens.

A second set of prints began parallel to them, however it was the small spread of a wolf's paws.

For a hundred meters or so, the prints lay on top of each other as the wolf presumably began to shorten the distance between predator and prey.

The body of the wild dog lay under a tree, it's abdomen ripped ruthlessly with the piercings of a knife. It's bowels spilled crimson onto the chalk-white ground.

The human footprints continued, however now accompanied by a streak of red stains.

The prints shambled to the door of a small wooden cabin. It was surrounded by a circle of dizzying firs. They moaned and creaked with every gust of wind that howled across the frigid landscape.

From the windows of the cabin, a homely orange glow illuminated. Dusk was falling faster than the ever increasing fury of a blizzard.

Inside, the body of a man lay in a pool of blood beside a stove. From the stove, a fire blazed wildly. Blood seeped from a bite wound next to the man's groin.

The carpet of the cabin floor was blackened with blood. He stared into the flames, a gaze frozen in time. A content smirk hid behind his grizzly beard.

He had finally escaped the cold. He had found the warmth.

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