The Thoughts of a Dead Girl
The Thoughts of a Dead Girl death stories

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Thoughts from a dead girl

The Thoughts of a Dead Girl

I thought that everything was going to be okay.

I thought I was going to get through it all.

I had a nice family, friends and a caring boyfriend.

Everyone loved me so much.

I didn't do this out of anger with anyone.

I just felt like I wouldn't amount to anything.

You can only care so much.

You can only put in so much effort before you are ready to give up.

And for me, that's what happened.

I gave up. I stopped trying.

Am I sorry that I gave up on the world?

Well yes. But to an extent.

I'm sorry for my parents, family, friends, my boyfriend.

But are they sorry for the things that are goig on in my head?

Hell no.

But not because they don't care.

It's because I was never an open book.

I'm always so enclosed in my own little thought bubble, that it was hard to find a way out.

This was my only option.

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