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Today is a day.
It's not like other days.
Today is unexpected and unpredictable and now.


Today, is a day.

You may think it's like other days.

I disagree.

Today is the day that you're reading my story.

Now, Today is a wonderful day.

Because anything can happen today.

Your crush might ask you out.

You might finally, after years, finish composing your first song.

Your partner might propose.

You might make the most amazing meal you've ever had.

Today is unexpected and unpredictable.

Today is not like Tomorrow.

You see, Today is soon,

And you hold the power of Today in your hands.

You decide if Today is a good day or just a normal day.

And, if you remember, I said Today was a wonderful day.

And it is, for me.

Today, I'm a month clean of self-harm.

Today, I made an account on here.

And Today, I'm gonna do better.

"Things will get better."

I know you've been told that sentence countless times.

I don't know what you've been through.

I don't know what you're going through.

You're a stranger to me,

But know I'll be here.

Send me a message.

If you need to rant, vent or just talk,

I'll be here.

Make Today an amazing day.

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