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aletifer I try to play gracefully with ideas.
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What do you remember most? And do you wish you had?


A pen is out, the mind reopens Its secrets and their silence broken A smoke is lit, the coffee’s black It’s time for thought, for going back…

For going back to snow and frost: The winter spills, all color lost Skis unloaded, poles unpinned Glinting bevels, biting wind The lodge’s heat that primed your fingers The moment lost, its warmth still lingers…

For going back to all that clings: Family ties, now severed things A need to go, a plea to stay The flotsam friends who drift away Deleted contacts, faded pages A past embittered as it ages…

For going back to fervent whispers: Lands of burning fields and blisters Limestone slabs, the Southern Cross Muddy waters leagues across The jungle deeps, the belts of sand The wonders I don’t understand…

The spell is burst. The present calls The corporate combine slowly draws My smoke is snuffed, the coffee’s cold It’s time again for growing old.

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