Mystic Summer
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Chapter 4 has a part 2!!
Caution: two bad words
Threw a curveball for y'all

Mystic Summer

Chapter 4: Part 2

(View of James)

John, Danny, Lee, and I walked into Rock's Diner. I was not even in there five seconds, and I spotted Raelynn in the corner booth. She was sitting there with her three friends.

I started to talk louder just to make sure she knew I was there. Next thing I knew, she was walking towards me.

What am I going to tell her? I did not have a great excuse as to why I stood her up. The only excuse I had was that my brother had to use the car for his date night.

It's such a lame excuse, but it was the truth.

"Hi James."

"Umm hi. Do I know you?"

"Do not play stupid. I'm Raelynn. You know the girl who you were supposed to take on a date?"

"I do not recall any of that."

I turned around and started laughing. I started high-fiving all the guys too.

"Why are you acting like this? I should have never came over here."

I had no response, and I watched her walk away. I felt like I had to be cool around my friends. I did not want them to make a joke out of me. In reality, I was a complete ass towards Raelynn.

She did not deserve that. She already apologized for the past and now I have too.

The guys and I found a table. I watched Raelynn leave the diner. Seeing her hurting made me hurt. All I wanted to do was run after her and pull her into my arms.

I wanted to hold her and make all the hurt go away. I do not want either of us to be mean to one another ever again. I want to make amends and move forward without looking back.

"Earth to James. Did you hear anything we were saying?"-Danny

I shook my head and looked at Danny.

"No, I need to go do something. I will meet up with you all later."

"What is it? That girl?"- John

"That girl has a name. Her name is Raelynn and yes."

"Wow dude! Calm down. John was just asking you a question."-Lee

I started to ball my hand into a fist under the table. Now Lee, John, and Danny were starting to piss me off.

"I'm not going to calm. Down. You called Raelynn "that girl" when she clearly has a name. I do not see any of you trying to get a girlfriend."

I got up before I knocked any of the guys out. I headed for the door and left. I went right to Mammy's Flower Shop.

"Hi James. What can I do for you?"

"Hey Mammy. I need a dozen roses and a card that says, "I'm sorry"."

"Alright. Let me see what I can do."

Mammy put together the most beautiful arrangement. Have to say, the most beautiful girl definitely deserves the most beautiful arrangement. I left and headed to

Raelynn's house.

When I pulled in her driveway, I could see her sitting on the porch reading a book.

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