Final euphoria
Final euphoria jumping stories

aleph Community member
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final message,saying goodbye

Final euphoria

Sun rays touch my soul reflecting the warm glow Time stretches on the cliff edge Reality dramatically expands Hovering indefinitely to the abyss draw inevitably I want to repair the smile To feel the euphoria again It has been a while From this I shouldn’t refrain no action left in the brain

Completely in free fall Not frighten to do it all The wind going over me Recharging my energy Finally feeling the glee Freed from the lethargy I feel freedom roar I hear myself scream Nothing will stay as before Levitating like in a dream

Abruptly everything stops I feel peace and tranquillity I sense the silence of the clocks listen to the trumpets of liberty I can see myself broken laying on the ground like a book cast from the shelf to this body no more bound

the ink pouring from my veins forever free from my chains no more pages to fill finally, my heart stood still

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