Heart of a seagull. Arrival
Heart of a seagull. Arrival fantasy stories

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a fantasy novel about Venice, about the masks we wear, and about monsters living in the sea and inside us

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Heart of a seagull. Arrival

A spear-sharp prore of gondola was piercing the air above turquoise water. I leaned back against the leather cushions, watching the rich mansions drift by.

A snow-white bulk of the Silver Arch - or simply Argento, as the Venetians called it, rose in front of us. The one and only bridge connecting the wide banks of the Grand Canal.

Its stone pillars rose steeply, a graceful arch reflected in the water.

No one believed the bridge would last for long. There was a legend that the architect sold his soul to the devil to make the construction strong enough.

But even if that was true, the evil spirit didn`t show itself afterwards. Probably it was afraid of the stone griffins - vicious-looking creatures that spread their wings on each abutment.

The darkness fell upon us as gondola went under the bridge. The water glinted on the green-clad stones, the hum of the crowd echoed below damp arches. Fabrizio carefully drove the boat forward.

Suddenly I thought I heard a splash, and a long shadow passed directly under the boat.

We saw a snarling mouth full of small sharp teeth flashed in the murky water, then came a limber spotted body.

"It`s just moraines, nothing to be worried about, senhorita," Fabrizio said with a smile. " Sneaking creatures."

That`s true. The moraines are scavengers and they're easy to be scared off. I wouldn't dare to put my hand in the water, though.

However, after two years on Terra dei Miracolo I had learned that the moraines were not the most dangerous creatures in these waters.

We passed the bridge and now we could see the bright panorama of the city again. Massive carved chests of the rich houses lined along the shore - properly locked to keep family secrets in.

(you can read the whole book at https://www.wattpad.com/story/201946901-heart-of-a-seagull)

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