Existence Part I ( Out of III )
Existence Part I ( Out of III ) stories

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Story that can be interpreted many ways

Existence Part I ( Out of III )

While I was walking through the forest

Trying to figure out confusing thoughts

Something I can't do, but I promissed

When all of a sudden, I was lost

There in the trees I saw an old cabin

Chimney was still letting some smoke

"Ouh, You came... come in, come in"

Old lady said to me,"I prepared some pork"

"So you're a little lost" ,said the lady

"You're safe now, no need to worry"

"I think You have some worries to bury"

"Sit by the fire, let me tell You a story"

All of a sudden I felt comfort and peace

Even though I was at a strange place

I had too many thoughts to relase

She reminded me of someone, she had that familiar face

"You know, I am here for a long time"

"Everything was passing by, animals,plants

"It was a life's dance while the wind played"

"It played a natures song, only we can hear"

"I can't remember how long I'm 80 years old"

"I stopped counting not long ago"

"This place, this forest wasn't always like this"

"Everything was brighter, full of life and bliss"

"But as time passed, everything can extinguish

"Everything has its end, even the brigtest star"

"Every path, every race has its finnish"

"This is my finnish, and it left me with a scar"

There I stood, suprised and confused

So many unanswered questions,

But my voice got lost somewhere in the story

Unknown old lady with countless years behind her

"Who is she? What is she? When's the story finnish?

"Its late, you can't go out now, spend the night"

"You're the only company i had, since the first light"

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