God' Law
God' Law motiational stories

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God' Law in a poem

God' Law

God gave us His law to obey,

because to be happy there is no other way,

The fist one says that He the only One we should pay homage because He took us out of bondage.

The second one say we shouldn’t make any idols of anything in the heavens above, or on the earth beneath, or the water under the earth because God we would hearth.

The third teaches us to respect His name, it should be our aim.

The forth teaches us to remember the seventh day and set it aside, and that in Him we should abide.

The fifth that our parents we should honor and respect, because the length of our days it will affect.

The sixt, seventh and eight says we shouldn’t kill, commit adultery, and still because it is against God’s will and would only bring us ill.

The night says we shouldn’t lie, and the truth deny.

The tenth says we shouldn’t covet, but instead be content.

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