What if Cinderella had not lost her shoe?
What if Cinderella had not lost her shoe? happiness stories

alefia_saify Community member
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Just a thought that what would have happened if the things weren't the way they were.

What if Cinderella had not lost her shoe?

The beautiful story, as we all know, Of a girl who lived with her step mother and step sisters.

They didn't treat her well.

Abused her, criticized her, scolded her.

Then one day, in a ball, Organized in the palace, She danced with the prince.

And before running back to her home,

She lost her shoe in the palace.

The prince couldn't get her off his mind.

And so he found her with the help of the shoe.

But what if she hadn't lost her shoe?

The prince wouldn't have been able to find her.

She wouldn't have become the princess.

And would have to live the life of a maid which she had been living forever.

Maybe that indicates that we have to lose something beautiful

In order to find something extra-ordinary.

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