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alefia_saify Community member
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A short love story.
This is my first story ever. Hope you guys like it. :-)
Please feel free to share your opinion and advises in the comment section .

Route 14

By Alefia Saify

She still looks as beautiful as the day I first saw her.

We take the same bus from route 14 to our homes.

I don't know if she has ever noticed me, or even looked at me. But I see her daily.

She is just adorable.

I have never felt like this for anyone. Maybe this is what they call as "love at first sight". And I am a shy guy since always.

Never had the courage to go to her and even say "hi".

"Today I'm gonna do it."

"Today I'm gonna say that what I feel for her."

"Today I'm gonna express my love for her."

I used to think this daily and gather all the courage to say that I love her so much but couldn't, when finally I came to know about her boyfriend and that she is going to marry him soon.


Believe me it hurts more than that. :,)

But I am happy for her. After all I love her. I should be happy for her.

And I guess my "love at first sight" was my "one sided love" too.

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