Unwanting to be Found
Unwanting to be Found future stories

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Unwanting to be Found

by alecpanos

When you come to find me i'll be away,

sailing on my own on wanters unknown, frail and timid the boat will creek, bending and bobbing right under my feet.

Thinking all the while about where i'll be in denile,

of the things that made me smile to forget about the pain that i've felt and i've seen right before my eyes drilled in my memory till i die.

Treading hard no longer soft

I make waves in my wake no longer scared of precautions or fate or the fact that the wind might decide where i'll be sleeping for the night under stars or under light.

I'll empty my lungs of all the air I can swallow

so i know what it's like to take something that I can't just borrow, i'll contemplate about luck to be who I am , to be where I am, despite all the hate i've been trying to escape for I am safe.

Pretending I know where I'm going

towards a future I'm creating in my journey thats forever changing

Maybe in my travels i'll make it to the place

i've been going or maybe i'll stay lost unwanting to be found.

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