The Truth
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alecpanos I write for me and for you
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The Truth

by alecpanos

Reality is overrated.

I'd rather dream.

I'd rather think about what things could be like,

instead of what they are.

I'd rather see past the cruelty and the selfishness.

I imagine that at what one point maybe things weren't so bad. Maybe people were selfless.

I'd rather dream of a better future.

One were I can trust without hesitaton, without anticpation of betrayal or deceit.

I'd rather imagine myself walking in cities far away.

Bright neon lights and people walking fast, isolation among the masses, foreign faces and food.

I'd rather not worry about tommorrow or tonight.

I want to live now. For this moment. For this second.

I'd rather paint my words on every wall, and every alley.

So that maybe someone might stop and think. That maybe they can dream too.

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