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by alecpanos

Water so deep it swallows my feet and my body submerged

Foamy white waves pushing gently onto me and through me and past me. Not a sorry and no need . I'm in the way of the waves and not the other way around.

Walking slowly down slope,

Sand wedges in between my toes, shells pinch my heels, only my head is not under the water now.

Tiny fish swim around my body and my legs,

trying to figure out what I am and what I want. Some of them are green, some are blue, some are both. Some slap their fins against my calf and some swim away.

It's humbling to know that there is life everywhere.

In the water, in the sky, on every street, in every forest, on every square foot of land anywhere. It becomes so easy to get wrapped up in our own dreams and worries. Other lives get ignored.

It's nice to appreciate the things you once neglected.

The life that goes unnoticed. Forgotten. Unappreciated. All life has meaning. All life has worth.

I could be a fish. Or an eagle. Or an ant. But im a human.

My life does not have more meaning because I am human. Life is life and all life should be treated with respect. With kindness. Everything on this planet deserves love. Love is everything.

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