Color blind,
Color blind, color stories

aleckmatthewarn no pictures, just word.
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A complex experience of a lack of color to the individual.

Color blind,

I’d enjoy to see more than the blues within the world, to see colors that can shine brighter than the night sky has to offer.

Something that’ll stick past the deeply grooved negative spaces of my soul. I’d like to just see a patch of green like everyone else, to know what I’m seeing instead of wondering if this is a momentarily bleak attempt of satisfaction.

To subside my wants into just a small glance of something to shine, to move past the dull experiences of what was thought to be a future.

To seek refuge in a complexity of subjective thought provoking ideas that stem from a single root without significance besides a simple ounce of life flourishing in green

would be a sweet and subtle way to leave my brain for just a moment, till the oceans tide re-emerges to take back the steps moved forward.

But for now, I lay blind of a color insight.

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