All that remains
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All that remains

All that remains

Although I never see you, you are clear before my eyes The times we spent together, you sitting by my side

I know I’ll never have you, that wasn’t in the deal This longing and affection, I have no right to feel

There’s nothing that you owe me, even if I wanted more I shouldn’t find you guilty for bolting up that door

I was not allowed to show it, was determined that I won’t I have no right to feel it, but it doesn’t mean I don’t

“Best friend” is what you called me, no doubt it was sincere But that friendship soon was broken, just like you always feared

Now you’ve found connection, and with it also calm A gracious, faithful, beautiful soul resides now in your arms

All that remains for me to do, with strength from God above Is wish for you a joyful life, with the one you truly love

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