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alba_palombi 17 | just chillin
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Just another rainy day. Except it doesn't rain underground.


You wouldn´t last a day without her.

That resonated in my head. I knew that it was true for many different reasons, yet I hoped that it wouldn’t turn out to be correct. I didn’t want it to.

Just like I didn’t want the boy to die in the movie but understood that that is what made me like it.

That’s a lot to take in. I don’t think I took it too well.

“I’m going out”

“Don’t forget your coat”

I left it at home. It was raining. I wanted to feel the raindrops.

Sometimes I wonder if our existence is like a storm. If each of our lives constitutes a water drop.

If, someone out there is watching, drawing lines for us to race against each other, just to get lost in the water of the window.

I stepped in a puddle. Got my boots wet. Looked right, left. I’m sure that was her favorite.

I started walking. A part of me wishing to run into someone.

Part of me wishing to never be found.

Part of me wishing no one would follow me.

No one would see me reach my hiding place.

No one would hear her scream 6 feet under.

Now she wouldn't leave.

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