Dear future girlfriend
Dear future girlfriend  stories

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Dear future girlfriend

Dear future girlfriend

I may not know who you are yet or where you live

I may not know what your favourite color is or how your crying sounds.

I may not know how your hands feel in mine and what your eyes look like.

But I do know we will meet.

Maybe not today or tomorrow or next week.

But when we're both ready.

Dear future girlfriend

We will meet and we will learn to love each other.

We will fight and cry and make each other sad.

We will struggle with homophobia and discrimination and hate.

We will think its not worth it.

But it will be.

Dear future girlfriend

We will laugh and cry and share memories.

We will have each other's backs and help the other with everything we have

We will hold one another in our arms and we will talk all through the night.

We will be happy and free.

Not now. Now we have to struggle and search for the other in the wrong person.

Now we have to cry and be sad and feel lonely.

So that someday, we wont have to anymore.

So that someday, we can be ready to meet each other.

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