The Blacksmith's Last Wish
The Blacksmith's Last Wish 1800s stories

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Elena and Mia, the daughters of a great blacksmith, set out on an adventure to fulfil their father's last wish. Having their childhood stolen from them, they fulfil this wish and learn a very important lesson from it as well.

The Blacksmith's Last Wish

Louise Roads- was a famous blacksmith from France in the 1800s. He made weapons for the French army and was well known for his work across all of France.

In his late ages, he had two beautiful daughters, Elena and Mia. These two girls were so beautiful, the King captured them when they were children.

You see, they had golden hair, bronze skin and greyish eyes. He captured them so that when they grew up, they would marry his sons.

Knowing he could not do anything, the Blacksmith came into a deep sorrow. Soon after, his wife died and so did he from a broken-heart.

But before his last breath, he wrote a note to his two daughters in the hope that they would find a way to escape and find the letter.

One evening, the King's palace was attacked which caused the building to plummet to the very bottom of the Earth. Many people died but Elena and Mia managed to escape.

On their way back to the village they had to cross a river.

A rower asked them for 3 gold coins, 3 locks of their golden hair, 3 strings of golden thread, the answers to his riddles and they would cross.

"What is black when you buy it red? What has four fingers and a thumb, " he asked, "What is white when it's dirty?".

The sisters set out on a quest to find the answers. Having no other option, they had to climb the steepest mountain to go see the eldest women in the village.

These women were a 100 years old and they were very wise, surely they could help them. They asked them for the answers to the riddles, and they got them.

For the 3 locks of golden hair, one twin sacrificed their hair for this. For the three strings of golden thread, they harvested it from a sacred tree.

They returned to the rower and answered his questions. "Coal is black when you buy it red, a glove has four fingers and a thumb. A chalkboard is white when dirty," they answered.

They gave him the hair, the thread and the coins. The rower oared them across the river and they went off. They thanked him and continued with their journey.

Next, they travelled through what used to be bare land, now a thick forest. Along the way, they encountered 4 wolves. Three hunters saved them.

"You will have to do us 4 favors because we saved you from 4 wolves," they said. "We agree, " Elena and Mia agreed.

" Fetch water from the well, skin the wolves and make us coats, fetch some wood then start a fire. After that, we will set you free," they said. The two daughters did as they were asked.

They fetched a bucketful of water from the well, they made coats from the wolves skin, they fetched wood and started a fire.

By the time they had completed their tasks, they were tired and it was already night. Yet they still continued walking. They were weak, tired and hungry.

During their walk, they collapsed and hit some rocks which caused them wounds. A Priest treated their wounds, gave them food and a place to sleep.

When they woke up they found out what had happened and thought that they would have to repay his favor. To his surprise, he did not want to be re-payed.

The sisters thanked him and walked until they reached their father's home. Soon they realized that their parents had died and while looking around, they found the note and decided to read it.

Louise asked that they would live respectful lives then later marry handsome, charming and wholesome men.

The sisters did just that. They became tailors and had families of their own. They went to see the people they encountered.

They came to find out that only the Priest had lived a long life because he was kind and did not ask for a return of his kindness. Elena and and Mia lived by that.

They were always kind to people and did not ask for anything in return.

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