Like The Free Wind
Like The Free Wind free verse stories

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Free she crossed the golden dunes behind an eagle

Like The Free Wind

Tired of being forgotten like a bronze statue

She wiped the dust off her skin

And her feet guided her to unknown land

The wind forever hid her way back home

There were no footprints in the sand to walk on again

For her, her garnet heart would tell her what she wanted

Daughter of a magician, not from a prince

Daughter of someone of no oaths, someone of no loyalty

Like a mare with reins of fire

Free she crossed the golden dunes behind an eagle

Working with silk and threads in a village

A young prince saw her there

With the pass of clouds and stars

One day she accepted his ring

After some moons

With a crown on their heads, a child was born

Behind curtains of iron and silk, the child learned about the world

His parents he admired

And thought his own world untouchable

But one day, the King fell with an incurable illness

The King loved his family, leaving them felt so soon

Mother and child by his side, she kissed his forehead

Until the end of the night, until the beginning of the day

Soon painful news came

From her throne room, the sun did not seem so vibrant

But the Queen took her son's hand

And saw the eagle soar over the city

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