Whoever reads this
Whoever reads this secret stories

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Whoever reads this...

Whoever reads this

By:Alana Singh

Whoever reads this, Do so carefully. I am letting you in on a secret of mine, More so a secret stuck in time.

As the seconds pass you by, And the minutes seem to fly. Know that the years have seen you grow, More than the days will ever show.

The way things are, oh so enchanting, The way things will be, very awakening. The way things were,memories long gone, The way things happen, like the melody of a song.

These are but the intricacies of life, The exquisitely designed pattern so sublime. Everything all planned out, The destination North yet everything heads South.

So the secret is,whoever reads this, Know that something is definitely amiss. Because things are never the way they seem, Yet they are so easy to believe.

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