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there he goes again. sitting in the darkness , naked , In his dirty basement of depression.


there he goes again.

sitting in the darkness , naked , In his dirty basement of depression.

He was a mess.

tears of the heartbroken made lines of sadness on his face.


He sat there hugging his knees to his chest burying his face between his knees hiding from the cruel world outside.


Alone. no shoulder to lean on , no words of 'it's okay'. Comforting was a dream he was deprived of living its reality. 'Cry babe.. let it drift out of your soul maybe then you'll be free.

' No one cared . No one listened. He was alone against the world , and god help him it wasn't a kind place.


in every way he was. Made fun of, abused, pushed aside by the jogs so they can pass. such an awful words he was called by. 'Stop!leave him alone.'

He bit his tongue to stop his chocked cries.


cowardness took a great place of his shattered soul. but let me till you that one time he decided to stand up for himself and say that he was different. 'Unique..' ahhh he liked that term.

Someone special had once described him of it.

He banged his head against the wall a couple of times.

He uniqness was not that he has fangs or that he turns lycan by night. His beliefs were what was unique, though. He liked what other people called strange.

He liked black when all the other people saw was rainbows.

He wasnt attracted to girls.

His family looked at him as a wrongness , as a desease that must be cured , a suffering . an Error. No one accepted him. 'Remember,I will always support you.' He didn't understand why , though.

He maybe wasn't in the soccer team at school , but he liked to draw. 'Art never comes from happiness.' he wasn't alien but he sure was alienated by society. a freak..

an abomination of nature, he thought himself to be. After that day he decided to reveal his interests to world , he never dared to repeat it.

He kept it in the inside cuz that's the safest place to hide. 'Hey , you don't have to hide it from me.'


he saw it in every bodies' eyes that looked at him without the usual harsh glare. it killed him a little more. "PATHETIC"their eyes screamed .

Teachers snickered and sneered when they passed him, the gay dude with the dark hoodie covering his teary eyes and the black bags under them.

he sopped a little more..

pain .. pain that numbed his senses from its intensity and roched his body with waves of its throbbing.

A thunderstorm of emotions toyed with his ill-mind , sadness, numbness , sorrow, depression despair ,but you know what really fucked him up? Hope.

you think "okay , I get it.I'm prepared for the worst", but you hold out that small hope,see, that's what fucks you up. That's what kills you.

He hugged himself alittle tighter , suddenly realizing, he was homesick for arms that didn't want to hold him.

For spacific arms that belongs to a spacific brunette.

chocolate-brown eyes were never his favourite until he saw hers.

With a little bit of affection , lots of care, a spark of hope glowed in him , but now he suffered dispair.

she popped from thin air in his life and made him grow flowers in the darkest pits of his soul, made him stronger , funnier , but most importantly she made him alive once more.

she was his best friend ,hell, she was his only friend.

sighing she once asked him,' You save every one but who saves you?'

he shrugged, his strong jaw was a pirple and black canvas that the bullies had the honor to draw, "well, I guess you got to play the savior part."

he remembers seeing the amusment written all over her face at his reply.

'how do you keep up with all of this , astonishes me.' she mummered.

he cupped her face tracing his thumps along her plump lip, "Because of you, you always make me hold on and fight. Thank you for creating rainbows when all I saw was rain." a tint of.

pink shaded her cheecks. 'My ,my what book did you quote that from?'

He laughed. They spent that night giggling and taking until dawn time .

those nights what made him feel alive. She was his anchor.

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