Melting Sun
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al_xander_ Some kid in California bleeding ink.
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We rise with the sun and fall with it (it's expected from all of us), but what if one day it never came over the horizon?

Melting Sun

by Nervout

The layers have appeared: the violet, red-orange, and dark blue that are now making up the sky.

And straight ahead the sun dips below; half hidden by the Earth's horizon, half saying good bye to everyone who still acknowledges it's presence.

It's going and the colors are changing.

And as the sun disappears, the horizon separates into layers of shades of orange and violet.

The sky becomes darker, and darker, until it is eventually a void.

Dotted with individual specks all fighting for our attention, but we're too busy: asleep, partying, not caring.

We all know it'll rise from the east; tomorrow morning we'll be expecting it. So for now the moon and it's companions will do.

But how long will we have this expectation, with it coming true?

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