Pretty hurts.
Pretty hurts. 
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al531426 Community member
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The pressures that society has put on women in reference to beauty standards.

Pretty hurts.

The standards are so high. We contort and reach for the sky. Destroying and morphing our bodies on the way.

Pretty hurts they say. What if pretty is the drug we all crave.

My friends and family are beautiful in every way. And I hope that they see it that way.

But I strip layers off my self every day. Leaving nothing left of me to praise. The person in the mirror haunting my gaze.

Society is to blame. From a young age we are told we are different in all the wrong ways.

Now to be perfect is to be modified. To be forever changed. We’re all trying to cram into the same picture frame.

When in reality being completely yourself should be all the craze. Being unapologetically ourselves is what should really amaze.

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