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Finding the one.

One day.

One day you’ll find the man that’s meant to be.

He’ll make it worth all the pain it took to get to him. He’ll lift you up higher than you’ve ever been.

But make sure he’s there when you attempt to fall again.

He’ll stop the self sabotage because you’ll feel whole with him. He’ll make you a part of his orbit always drawing you in.

But understand when you try to go close to the sun again.

He’ll take you to the edge of his world and back again. He’ll ensure we create a map of each other’s constellations.

But we still won’t feel like each other’s burdens.

He’ll help you reach for the stars as you will for him. He’ll start to know every fault you have within.

But never use it as a distancing defence mechanism.

And finally he won’t leave you to start all over again.

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