Land of my imagination.!!
Land of my imagination.!! poem stories

akshii_d_pkshii Princess in my reverie..!!
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This is little trial to express my land of imagination through words. I hope you enjoy the ride!!

Land of my imagination.!!

Welcome!! to the land of imagination, let's feel the vibes with a little affection,

wonders of the world right their in closet, life is glowing here in a different unique way.

A mixture of courage and leading spirit, a soul tied with those kind stitches,

With unicorns.. yes..... the flying ones, and a castle full of gems.. yes.....the shining ones.

Fresh clean air and the distilled water, perfect woodlands and alluring landscape,

sparkling stars and the bright full moon, glittery bright sun offering light every noon.

This is the world we ever wanted, equal right, the perfect vibes,

no competition, no war in nations, a peaceful place with some rightful heirs.

A world full of possibilities with protecting fields, where you can be what you really want,

where you can live in the way you want, with all those pretty faces..yes...the happy faces.

A state brimful of inspiration..!!

Well, this is my land of imagination..!!

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