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This is a story about how we ended the world and it is narrated by the main character Ryan Hill in his sarcastic and fun way.

Post Corona World

Today I found some medicines at one of the drop crates, it was a relief as I was out of medicines.

There were mostly painkillers and there was a letter, a note sort of left by the military who dropped the supply crate.

It said "Have hope, you are not alone" it was funny because the drop was 2 years old.

Wait what, what's going on here? Let's start again, shall we. My name is Ryan Hill and its 2025, the year of course, and I will tell you a story of a world, my world; oh wait our world.

The story begins back in 2012 when everybody thought the world was going to end but it didn't, the end. I am just kidding.

So the real story begins in 2019, when some idiots from china thought eating bats was a good idea. Yes, you heard me, THEY ATE BATS.

Okay moving a little forward, the bats rewarded those beautiful souls with the corona virus. This is what happens when you try to became a DC superhero by using MARVEL's concepts.

Nobody really cared about it much until it became a global pandemic in just few months.

Till mid April 2020 the whole world was infected with the virus and every country was under a complete lockdown.

The government was struggling to stop this infection so they turned to us the world health organisation, WHO for short.

So, WHO puts together a team of best doctors in the world to tackle this Pandemic. I was one of them of course.

I was one of the best. I'm a practical genius you might think, but actually I'm not.

I made an accidental discovery on how electric shock can stimulate different hormones, it happened while I was fixing an old air cooler.

Now I know what you're thinking and that's exactly how it happened. I electrocuted myself and experienced a sudden change of emotions.

At one moment I was frustrated because of the cooler and the next moment I was experiencing extreme happiness. Don't try this at home kids.

Then with few experiments further I proved that different voltage to different organs can stimulate different glands, they called it the Ryan Hill's experiment,

I didn't like the name it's so normal.

I used the traditional method of hit and trial,

now I can't tell you on whom the experiments were performed because of the policies but I can assure you that the smell of fried rats is not very pleasant.

That was back in 2018 and that discovery was the reason why I was on this team, and I had contacts in WHO.

The corona virus was like swine flu you know, remember that H1N1 bastard, it changes its DNA very frequently.

What that means is, even if we made a vaccine, that will not work on the newly formed, genetically modified covid-19.

We made several of them which worked but they were not permanent, so the infection kept on spreading.

2020 ended, nobody celebrated the new year, because the active cases of covid-19 reached up to a billion.

1/7 of the world's population was infected even when everybody was quarantined for almost a year now. I don't want to talk about what we did with the bodies, because it's too disturbing.

Still get flashbacks of those horrible scenes. Can't joke about that, can I? Some people called it the wrath of lucifer, and they were not wrong.

WHO hits rock-bottom. Everyone was blaming us for not finding a cure in time and everybody on our team have tried everything they can to stop this monster, but we failed.

"Now what?" that was the golden question.

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