Raving Robot - Part 1
Raving Robot - Part 1 funny stories
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Read about a robot that makes the lives of its owners harder!

Raving Robot - Part 1

"No one ever helps me!" Lakshmi barked.

All the household chores took a toll on her health. She was always tired and irritated. Seeing this, Mahesh, her caring husband, decided to order a robot to help her out.

The robot arrived the next day. It's name was X EA M-12.

Being authentic Indians, Lakshmi and Mahesh could only call the robot "Iksheam".

The couple expected the robot to do all the household chores on its own while they relax but what happened was different.

Iksheam, after getting a full charge, constantly asked for some work to do.

Even though the couple made their clean house dirty but getting trash from their neighbors, Iksheam cleaned the whole house in a few minutes.

Lakshmi, thinking she can outsmart the robot, asked it to cook chapatis by giving 2 kilograms of flour and 5 kilograms of vegetables.

When they were about to leave the house to go and watch a movie, Iksheam informed them that he cooked the food, washed the clothes of the whole neighborhood and ironed them too.

When Lakshmi didn't know what task Iksheam should do next, he said "Good Night!" and went to his station to charge himself.

In the evening, Mahesh's friend G.K arrived. They planned to go to the pub for a night filled with fun and alcohol. They lied to their wives about working late and left to the pub.

When they came back at 1am, Iksheam was monitoring the perimeters of the house. When Mahesh and G.K leapt over the wall to enter the garden, Iksheam caught them and asked for identification when they claimed to be Mahesh and G.K.

Since they could not provide any identification, Iksheam electrocuted them. Added to this, Iksheam ran in circles while holding their hand firmly.

Right when Mahesh was going to faint, he remembered that his office I.D was in his pocket. On showing it to Iksheam, Mahesh was permitted to go into the house.

But, Lakshmi caught Mahesh entering the house late. Is Mahesh going to be alive? Follow to find out

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