No Strings Attached
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aknier I occasionally remember to write things
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How I feel about you

No Strings Attached

You never said I love you

For as long as we've been together

How long has it been now?

Not long enough for me

I'll never get my fill of you

You haven't said I love you

The words have never crossed your lips

But lately I've noticed

That even if you don't know it yet

You do

I see it in you eyes when I tell you something hurt me

And your first instinct is to make sure it can't again

I feel it in your arms when you're holding me at night

And you pull me just a little closer

Even though we're already pressed together as tightly as we can

I know it's what you feel when you say it breaks your heart to see me cry

Or that I make you happier than anything

And that I'm the best

I worry that it won't be enough for me

A longer time from now

Just seeing it and never hearing it

But I trust that once you figure out what this feeling is, you'll realize that's what you feel for me

And that when that happens, you'll say it back

But until then,

I love you

No strings attached

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