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Who am I?
Well, that's an interesting question. Before you all ask- yes, for once this IS a true story.
Not romance, sorry

Who am I?

Who am I?

It's something I've been struggling with a lot lately

There's lots of things that I am

A writer

A student

A science enthusiast

A baker

An avid reader

But those don't define who I am

There's lots of things I love to do, too

That I'm not necessarily good at






But that's not me, either

There's my relationships with others

I am

A daughter

A friend

A woman

An advocate

A secret-keeper

A feminist

A sister

But none of those encompass who I am

I have my flaws, too

I'm stubborn,


Too emotional

Afraid to fail

But I don't think those define me

So what does?

Is it the way I dance to the music in stores while my friends roll their eyes and tell me they're going to stop taking me out in public?

Is it the way I manage to trip over almost anything, whether there's something there or not?

Is it how I stay up too late, even though I love to sleep?

Or my sweet tooth?

Or my insecurities?

Or my family?

Or is it all of those, wrapped into one?

Can I be a scientist, who loves to write and bake and sing?

Can I be a loving wife someday, and still be bisexual?

Can I be a loyal friend, who still cuts off relationships when they hurt me too much?

Can I be afraid to fail, but try anyway?

Can I be everything that I am?

I like to think so

So who am I?

I'm a girl, who cries at every sad movie

I'm a mess, who misses her mouth half the time, even when it's only water I'm drinking

I'm a student, who procrastinates and curses and still gets her paper done before the deadline

I'm a daughter, and granddaughter, and friend, who tries her best to remember call

And I'm me


Of course


You bet

But becoming more and more every day who I want to be?

Now that's who I am

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