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Wasted Wishes

by aknier

I've always been a fan of wishes

The idea that if you ask the universe for something enough times, you'll eventually get it

I used to believe the universe granted wishes

You were my proof

Now I know better

The universe may give, but it loves to take away

You were mine for almost three years

Being with you was a wish come true

And I wished every day to have another with you

Every dandelion, birthday candle, and 11:11

I used all of them on you

Wasted all of them on you

Maybe I was wishing for the wrong thing

I always wished to have you, to be happy with you

I didn't think to wish to keep you

I didn't think you'd want to leave

But she must've made a lot more wishes than me

Cause all of a sudden our promises weren't good enough

And you left me

The one thing you'd promised never to do

Because you'd promised, I didn't think to wish for it

You're with her now

We talk sometimes

But every time we use eachother's names instead of "baby"

We always called each other baby

It's like a thousand little knives in my heart

I wasted so many wishes on you

So no, I don't think wishes come true

And if they do, I know it's only temporary

Because the universe doesn't honor all requests

Because if it did, you'd still be mine. Not hers.

But even though you left my heart bleeding

And shattered the idea that life could be fair

My last dandelion wish, forever, baby.

Is for you to be happy

The universe at least owes me that, I think

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