Try again
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aknier I occasionally remember to write things
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Would you try love again?

Try again

You might not be able to tell by looking at me

But my heart has been broken before

Stomped into the dirt, actually

By someone I loved very much

That takes its toll on someone.

For a long time, I couldn't get over it

Nobody else could make me feel the way he made me feel

Well, the way I felt before he broke me.

But recently,

I've started to feel something.

Something small, and fragile

A little flutter my stomach

A tiny shiver down my spine

When I see a boy I was sure was just a friend

Now I'm not so sure.

Now I'm thinking about kissing him

Its been a long time since I kissed anyone new

But he makes me want to try again

I see him and the blood rushes to my cheeks

He brushes against me and it feels like a tiny bolt of electricity

I don't feel for him what I felt for the first one

Not yet, at least.

But I'm glad

I'm fine with starting slow

Because I have a feeling I'm going to fall for someone again

And I have a feeling it's him

And I think I'm ready

To try again

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