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A new style I'm trying--switching perspectives. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Warning: Mature Language and Themes

The Party


I'm not the kind of girl who dates

I've never had a boyfriend before

Or even a crush, really

And I never really thought I wanted one

Or if I did, I'd go for a bad boy with a motorcycle

I figured I'd meet someone at a party and things would go from there

Until I met Seth

Seth is the ultimate boy-next-door

He's sweet, charming, and impossibly handsome

He plays basketball in the park and gets on honor roll every year

And he doesn't know I like him

He probably doesn't even know I exist


Let's face it, I'm a nerd

I'd rather study than party

Or maybe I just say that because I'm not usually invited to parties

But I was invited to one this weekend

I'm helping a kid named Ryan with math so he can play football

And we've kind of gotten to be friends

So he invited me to his party this weekend

And promised it'd be a 'rager'

I don't know if I'll even go


When Sarah texted me that there's a party this weekend, I was all for it

My parents were all over my ass this week because they found out I'd gotten a tattoo

And that was the thing that finally confirmed their 'suspicions'

See, the thing is everyone thinks I'm 'wild'

That's what they always say

They take one look at my dark makeup and short skirts and think that I'm just rebelling

But here's the thing

I do what I like because I like it

Not because of my parents, not to get attention

I just like to have fun

And yes, I was drunk when I got the tattoo

But they didn't even let me explain

They just grounded me

So why should I stay home?

Out of respect?

They don't respect me


As I pulled up to Ryan's house, all I could see were cars and people everywhere

I'd watched enough high school movies to know you come to a party late, so that's what I'd done

I walked up the path to the door, seeing my classmates in various states of drunkenness all around me

And then, I heard a loud rumble from behind me

I turned around in time to see a bright blue motorcycle flying down the road, screeching to a halt right before hitting anyone

A girl in a short, tight, and black dress hopped off

I was amazed she could ride in a dress like that

As she pulled off her helmet and shook out her hair, I realized I knew her

Her name was Annie, and she was in my math class

She always came off like she didn't care, but I was the TA so I graded all the tests

I knew she was the only one who ever scored as high as me


I love to make an enterance

When I arrived the whole party shut up, just watching me arrive

As I strutted up the driveway, I could tell all eyes were on me

But upon glancing at the door, I realized there was one pair of eyes I hadn't been expecting

What was Seth doing here?

He pulled the door open for me with wide eyes

So I did what any girl would do

I tossed my hair over my shoulder, gave him a wink, and said

"Thanks babe!"

Before blowing him a kiss

I looked behind me for just a second

But I saw him turn bright red

So I walked away with an extra bounce in my step


After Annie's arrival, this party had gotten a whole lot more interesting

I'd found Ryan and was currently sitting in a group of guys drinking beer

I had one too, but I was drinking slowly

I didn't want to get drunk

All of a sudden, a short blonde girl ran in, clearly drunk

"You guys you guys!" She yelled, nearly tripping over her own feet

"We're gonna play truth or dare, you ready? Okay. MEETOUTBACK!"

She ran away almost before she'd finished speaking

All the guys seemed excited, grabbing their beers and clapping each other on the back

I stayed seated

I wasn't quite sure I wanted to play truth or dare

"C'mon man! Let's go!" Ryan shouted in my face

Before I had the chance to protest, he was pulling me into a circle of people sitting around a campfire

I decided to go along with it

What's the worst that could happen


"Okay everyone!" Sarah was screaming

She was clearly very drunk, and it wasn't even that late

I made a mental note to drive her home, so she'd get home safe

"We're gonna start truth or dare now!" She screamed again

"Sarah, hun, drop the volume, will ya?" Ryan asked her

I knew if she wasn't so drunk she'd be totally embarrassed

Ryan had been her crush for the past two years

"Since it's my house, I'll start!" Ryan called out, and everyone cheered

"Annie! Truth or dare!" He pointed at me

I always got picked first for these games

"Dare!" I yelled back

I'm not one to back down from a challenge

Ryan whispered something to the guy next to him, who vigorously shook his head 'no'

Shit, was it gonna be something bad?

It took me a minute to realize the kid he was talking to was Seth

"Annie, I dare you to strip to your underwear!" Ryan called, and all the boys started to hoot and holler

I ignored them, instead making direct eye contact with Ryan as I peeled my dress over my head

My friends all screamed when I whipped my dress across the fire, so it hit Ryan in the chest

I tossed my hair over my shoulder and gave a wave like I was the prom queen before sitting down


I was so furious at Ryan for making Annie strip

Not like Annie wasn't gorgeous, but I knew exactly why he was doing it

I never should have told him I had a crush on Annie Murphy.

I didn't pay much attention to the game after Annie's turn

I was too busy looking at her

Not in a creepy way

But I was looking at how confident she was

She was the only half naked girl in a huge crowd of people

And she didn't even seem drunk

And yet here she was, acting totally at ease

She's incredible


After a good while, it was Sarah's turn to ask somebody

She give me a not-so-subtle wink before calling out, "Seth! Truth or dare!"

Seth jumped about a foot at her call

He'd clearly been out of it

But Sarah clearly wasn't as out of it as I'd thought if she was doing this deliberately

"Dare?" Seth answered, a poor choice on his part

People would've quickly forgotten him being a 'chicken' and saying truth

But dares had power at a party this big

"I dare you to strip to your boxers and do seven minutes in heaven with Annie!" She screamed, before dissolving into hysterical giggles

"Dude, what the fuck?" I hissed in her ear

"Trust me, you'll thank me later!" She tried to whisper back


I didn't exactly agree to it, but before I knew it my clothes were gone and I'd been shoved into a closet with Annie.

Who was also barely clothed.

I was screwed.

She didn't let her confidence waver for a second, though

Even when the door locked

It was a tiny closet, barely enough room for the two of us

She was squished up against my chest, and I could feel her skin against mine

I'd never realized how tiny she was before

She had such a big personality, and yet she seemed so fragile, like one more thing could break her


Being pressed against a half-naked Seth wasn't exactly what I'd pictured the part would be like, but I definitely wasn't complaining

"Hey" I whispered, drawing his attention

"Hey" he whispered back

"I'm Annie". I said, looking up at him

"I know" he blurted out, before looking embarassed

He knew who I was?

"We're in math together" he quickly added

"I didn't know this closet was named 'Math'" I answered

He let of a disbelieving chuckle, that turned into a real laugh

"You're funny" He said

For some reason, his words hit me hard

I realized that I'd never been directly complimented like that before

He just said it so sincerely, with no tricks or qualifiers

All of a sudden, I made up my mind

"Screw it." I said

"What?" Seth asked, confusion on his face

I didn't bother to respond

Instead, I stood up on my tip toes and pressed my lips to his

To my shock, he only froze for a second

And then, started kissing me back

His hands hovered hesitantly away from my body, but I reached behind me and brought them to my waist

I placed my hands on his back, running my fingers along the smooth planes of muscle

All of a sudden, I felt Seth's tongue slip into my mouth

I was shocked at his confidence, but I happily went along with it, pulling him closer to me

After a breathless eternity, we finally broke the kiss.

I felt a strong urge to run, to not have to ruin the moment with explanations

But I didn't have time, because-


I kissed her again

I could tell she was thinking more this time, not as spontaneous

So I brought a hand up to her cheek and pulled her attention back to me

I could hardly believe that I was kissing a beautiful, smart, charismatic girl like Annie in a closet at my first ever party

When we finally broke the kiss, Annie gazed up at me though her dark lashes

"Wow" she breathed

"Yeah" I answered, breathing a bit heavily

She giggled, twirling her hair around her finger

I didn't want to ruin the moment, but I had to ask

"Annie, why did you kiss me?" I asked

I could see the gears turning in her mind as she debated how to answer

But finally, she decided on (what I hoped was) the truth

"Because I like you."

I broke into a huge smile, before pulling her to me again and kissing her square on the mouth

"I like you too" I whispered once we'd separated again

Her whole face lit up, and she wrapped her arms around me

Strangely, that hug felt more intimate than the kisses we'd shared

After a moment, she looked up into my eyes

"So?" She asked

"So what?" I answered

"So what does this mean?" She asked

"What do you want it to mean?" I answered


I thought for a moment, then answered truthfully

"I want you to be my boyfriend." I said

And he smiled and kissed me again

And even though we were locked in a closet, I felt like I was walking on the moon

And I knew it was too early to tell

But I really felt like Seth was someone who could see the real me

Who wanted to see the real me

And would love me anyway

And as we pulled away from yet another kiss, we said in unison,

"Thank god I came to this party."

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