Tears of an Angel
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"Mommy, what happens when an Angel cries?"

Based on a prompt from @leocharlesm

Tears of an Angel

"Mommy, what happens when an Angel cries?" our daughter asked

And I was instantly transported back in time

To our second date

When you saw the baby bird fall out of the tree and break a wing

Most people would've walked right on by

But you ran to it and knelt by its side

You cradled its tiny body in your hands

And as the sun set behind you

A single tear slid down your cheek

You sitting there, bathed in the sun's golden light

Made me believe in God more than any church ever did

And when you tucked your hair behind your ear

And slipped the baby bird in your dress pocket

I knew you were the one

The bird lived, of course

You taught it to fly again

"Mama? What happens?"

Our wedding day

We walked up the beach from opposite ends, meeting in the middle

And when you saw me, you gasped like I was the most beautiful creature you'd ever seen

You were the most beautiful creature I'd ever seen.

As we stood in front of our friends and family

Professing our love

I saw you glance and the place your mother should've been

And tears started to slide down your face

Ignoring the protocol, I gathered you in my arms

And whispered "I love you" over and over

And when we finally pulled apart

That radiant smile that had me hooked from day one was back


The day we brought our baby girl home from the hospital

We all cried that night

Us, because we were so happy our family was finally growing

Her, because she was an infant, and that's what babies do

But watching my wife hold our daughter for the first time was the most magical moment of my life

And no matter the number of tears that coated our faces

You were the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen

"Baby, when Angels cry, you stop and listen." I told her

"Why's that?" She asked, cocking her head so her hair all flopped to one side

In that moment, she looked so much like you it took my breath away

"Because for most people Angels only come once in a lifetime, so you need to pay attention."

"Oh." She answered, considering.

"Mommy, why can't Angels stay on Earth longer?" She asked, her eyes filling with tears

I blinked my own away as I answered her

"Because they need to go home, where they belong."

"So Mama didn't leave forever, she just went home?" She asked me

"Yes, baby girl. Mama had to go home, but she wanted to stay for you. But she's home now, and when you're old and you've lived a long and happy life, you can go home too."

And with tears running down her cheeks and the golden glow of the sun behind her, our daughter asked,

"Mommy, am I an Angel too?"

I nodded

"Yes, baby. I'm the luckiest of all. I got two Angels, your Mama-

and you."

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