Sweet Like Candy
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Sometimes she tasts like lemondrops

Sweet Like Candy

Sometimes she tastes like lemondrops

They’re her favorite candy

But she only likes the fancy kind, from the candy shop in Lancaster

So she doesn’t get them often

But when she does

She tastes like lemon for weeks

Sometimes she tastes like peppermint

Especially around Christmas time

Its not unusual to find her sucking on a candy cane

And she’ll always offer me a lick

And get mad when I bite it

Because I’m not savoring the flavor

But I show her how much I savor it when my tongue is in her mouth

And she doesn’t complain so much after that

Sometimes she tastes like cherry

Lips and tongue stained red from a slushie, or cough drop, or jolly rancher

And I tease her for it

But I shut up once she grabs me and turns my mouth red, too

Sometimes she tastes like chocolate

And when she does I can almost always get her to tell me when it’s hidden

Usually by resorting to tickle attacks

I don’t think I could ever taste chocolate without thinking of her laughing eyes

Sometimes she tastes like cigarettes

Bitter and dry and “I know I shouldn’t don’t start with me”

And I kiss her cheek instead of that beautiful mouth

And I don’t get mad because I know sometimes cigarettes are the only thing that help

But I tell her I prefer when she tastes like candy

But no matter what she tastes like

She’s my girl

And she’ll always be as sweet as candy to me

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