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Story about to people who fell in love a long time ago

~Wow, it’s been a while! I’ve finally posted again so hope you guys like it! Xx~

Summer Love

The first time I saw her was summer camp, fifth grade

She was sitting in the grass, plucking up handfuls of grass and letting them fall through the air

Her long dark hair shone in the morning sun

And then she laughed, the most beautiful laugh I’d ever heard

That was the moment I fell in love

We spent all of summer camp together

Roasting marshmallows and swimming in the lake

On the very last day, she rested her head on my shoulder

And I whispered “I love you” into her ear

She blushed and smiled back at me

But didn’t say anything

I’d almost given up

But right before they called us back inside

She pressed her lips to my cheek

And before we could say anything else

Our parents were dragging us away

I felt a warm tingle in that spot the whole ride home

I missed my summer love

But with both of us too young to have a phone, she seemed impossibly far

Years passed, and I never forgot her

But the memory faded, like a painting in the sun

But sometimes in my dreams I’d still hear her laugh

And wake up with a sad smile on my face

Before I knew it, I was grown and went to college

I felt so grown up being all on my own

Until I walked into my math class lecture

And saw a beautiful girl sitting against the wall

Her black hair shone under the fluorescent lighting

Although it was chopped shorter now, not as long as before

I stood there transfixed, transported back eight years

To a another time and place, with the same girl

But when her friend said something funny and she broke out in a laugh, I was done

The coffee I was holding fell from my hand

And she looked up and over at the sound

Her eyes met mine and I held my breath

For a moment, I thought she didn’t remember

That I was just a girl from summer camp long ago

But then she jumped up and ran toward me

I caught her in my arms with my heart singing

I felt like I’d finally gotten back a missing piece of me

She held me tight and whispered in my ear,

“I never got to tell you, I love you too.”

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