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aknier I occasionally remember to write things
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What I hope will happen, someday


Someday I'll have my dream job

No more minimum wage or long, inconvenient hours

And everyone will look at me with respect

Because they know that I know what I'm doing

Someday I'll be sure of myself

I won't feel like the only one in the world who's getting it wrong

And I can give advice to others

With a knowing smile of having been there myself

Someday I'll have a house of my own

With a beautiful, bright kitchen and a breakfast nook

Where there's always fresh flowers on the table

And the smell of baking bread

Someday I'll be in love

With someone who looks at me like I'm their world

And presses soft kisses into my hair

And tells me I'm beautiful every day

Someday my family will grow

With a kitten so soft

And a baby with the bluest eyes

And family photos on every wall

Someday, I'll feel at home

Nothing will be "good enough for now"

Or almost what I want

And I'll never again dream of someday

Because I'll be happy with today

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