Saving You
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You were tiny, soaking wet, and miserable when I first found you.

Saving You

When I first found you

You were tiny, soaking wet, and miserable

A little ball of black fluff stuck behind a drainage pipe

I almost didn't see you

But once I did, I knew I had to do something

I've never liked cats, really

I have alleriges and like my furniture too much to get it all scratched up

But I couldn't just leave you there

So I scooped you up

You hissed at me immediately

And sunk your teeth into my unprotected hand

I was mad at first, and nearly dropped you

But then realize how I must've scared you

So I wrapped you in my jacket and set you in the car

You yelled the whole way there

To the point where you gave me a headache, and I was almost ready to put you back into the rain

But we'd almost made it

So I pushed on

I carried you into the animal shelter still wrapped in my jacket

You hissed and spat at me the whole way

And when I got to the front desk, she looked surprised

I explained how I'd found you, and wanted to drop you off

I was shocked by her reply

She told me that they were over capacity, so if cats didn't get adopted right away, they'd be put down

And black cats were so rarely adopted because of supersitions

Especially ones who hissed and spat

I looked at you

And you looked back with hatred in your eyes

And though I didn't want to be responsible for you

I couldn't just leave you to die

So we went back to my house

That night, I put down some leftover chicken and a bowl of water

And you just hid under my bed hissing all night

I decided if you didn't want anything to do with me, I didn't want to be with you either

So I left you alone

The next morning, the chicken was gone

And you were asleep in the back corner under the bed

When I got home from work that night, I had a scratching post, some toys, and a bed

You ignored them all

And stayed in the corner

Over the next few weeks, you started venturing out more and more

You still hissed at me if I got too close

But I'd come home to find the toys in different spots

The food eaten

And you curled up in the bed in the corner of the living room

Soon, we fell into a routine

With you waiting in the kitchen in the mornings for your breakfast while I ate mine

You started to let me get closer and closer to you

Until one day, you let me pet you for the first time

I didn't even think I liked you

But that got me so excited, that you finally trusted me

I bought you treats at the store the next morning

With the incentive of chicken flavored bits, I managed to coax you onto the couch with me

I thought that was as far as we'd get

And I was happy with it, honestly

You clearly didn't hate me anymore

Plus, you were nearly full grown now

And had yet to shred my couch

Then one day, I got a terrible phone call

My father had died

I fell to the floor, sobbing, for what seemed like hours

I was unable to get up



Do anything except lie on the floor with tears streaming down my cheeks

Until you came out and meowed at me

Hungry for your dinner

I was angry at first

That you could be so selfish at a time like this

But then, you slowing padded toward me

Not looking at me

Just moving closer little by little

Until you were sitting by my head

And then, you liked the tears off my cheeks

The rough sensation of your tongue made me giggle

Something I thought I'd never do again

And I realized I was the one being selfish

Letting my grief take over when you were dependent on me for food

So I peeled myself off the floor and got you dinner

Each day after that, your hungry meowing was the motivation for me to force myself out of bed

And before I really noticed it, you were sitting on my lap each night as I watched TV

Purring and bringing a smile to my face

And suddenly I realized

I thought I saved you, that day in the rain

But really, it was you who saved me

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