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As an honor roll student, I always had the answers

Right Answer

As an honor roll student, I always had the answers

The derivative of a function?


The capital of Syria?

No problem

The definition of the word "ballast?"

Piece of cake

But "Will you marry me?"

Now that's a question I don't have the answer to

You can argue that I should've seen it coming

We were together for five years, just bought a house together, already have a dog...

But it's not that

A part of me did know it was coming

But I didn't really think about what it meant

You know, being somebody's wife

Me? A wife?

I feel far too young for that label

I'm still in school, even if it is grad school

And I know it's you

And you're so wonderful and perfect and all I could ask for

But really, forever?

How can we say forever?

My parents said that

And look what happened

20 years and three kids later, they're divorced

It's not that I don't love you

I do, with every part of my being

But a wedding?

Declaring forever in front of everybody we know and love?

How do we know we're not dooming it?

Maybe it'd be easier to just stay where we're at

Not change anything

Just keep going on

But then I think of having kids

And the word husband

I don't have the answer

And that's a scary feeling

I don't know what married life would be like, or a wedding for that matter

I don't know how you get used to wearing the ring and having a spouse

But I do know I love you

And that we'll figure it out together

So after pause a moment too long

I say


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