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How do you get peace of mind?

Peace of Mind

What is peace?

Is it the six hours I'm asleep, when I can't control my dreams

So I'm not dreaming about you?

Is it the seven and a half minutes that that video distracted your name from my lips?

Is it the 35 seconds of sprinting that blocks you from my mind?


But I don't think peace, true peace, is that short lived

Every face I see on the street

I hope it's yours

Every text I get, I'm hoping for it to be your name on my screen

And at night when I lay in bed

It's you I think about until I fall asleep

Sometimes, I wish you'd just leave me alone

Let me have just one thought that isn't you

Because I hate that I can't control it

I like to be in control

But my body

My brain

My entire being

Is fixed on you

This whole year and a half with you living in Boston and me in Minneapolis I've had no peace

My thoughts are forever occupied with you



Wondering how your day is

What you're doing at that moment

If you're missing me as much as I miss you

But last night when I was holding you in my arms

I realized what peace truly feels like

And yeah, it scares me knowing I need you so much

But you're my forever

So I guess I'll have to marry you

If only for the peace of mind

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