Not What it Looks Like
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He'd been acting weird for weeks.

Not What it Looks Like

He'd been acting weird for weeks

Ever since he got back from that business trip from New York, he'd do the strangest things

Climbing out of bed in the middle of the night.

Grinning at his phone then jumping when I asked what it was.

Rearranging everything in his apartment, even when I was over.

I tried to tell myself it wasn't what it looked like, but eventually I had enough

I needed to know what was going on.

So one night, when we were sleeping at my place and he climbed out of bed again

I followed him.

He creeped down the hall, tiptoeing into the kitchen, and I followed behind,

Silent as a shadow,

Not even breathing so as not to be caught

I pressed myself against the wall, listening hard.

"Hey mom!" He said.

Mom? That wasn't what I was expecting.

I heard him take a couple steps forward, so I hurried back to the bedroom,

I wanted to stay up, but by the time he came back I was fast asleep.

The next day, I tried to ask him about his family

I wasn't sure why, but he avoided my questions

Was his mom sick?

If she was, why wouldn't he tell me?

Didn't he trust me?

The next weekend we both had off of work, so he asked me to go up to his family's cabin

I was excited, but a little worried that something was still wrong.

My worry only increased when he told me he had an appointment in the morning, so we should drive up separately.

I reluctantly agreed.

Friday night, after work, I started the long drive up.

Their cabin was two hours away, but by a beautiful lake

I arrived close to dinner time, and was surprised to see his car already in the driveway

I pushed open the door, and gasped at what I saw.

All around the room were glowing candles, and a fire was flickering in the fireplace,

Flower petals scattered the floor, and in the center of the room was my boyfriend, down on one knee.

"Daniel." He began.

"Ever since you 'accidentally' pushed me into a lake, I've known you were the love of my life.

You make me happier then I ever thought was possible, and every time I look at you all I can think is that I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Will you do me the honor of making me the happiest man alive and becoming my husband? Will you marry me?"

Tears glistened in my eyes as all the pieces clicked into place.

The phone calls, the texts, all of it was for me. He wanted to marry me!

I burst into tears, nodding vigorously as I fell into his arms.

He kissed all over my face, and I broke into the biggest smile I'd ever had when he slipped the beautiful silver ring onto my finger.

"I saw it in New York, and I knew it was perfect." He whispered into my ear

"It is." I told him, kissing him again.

"You're the best boyfriend ever" I told him, looking around at the beautiful room he'd set up just for me.

"I'm not the best boyfriend ever, silly." He responded

I looked up at him, confused at first, but happier than ever when he finished his sentence.

"I'm your fiance."

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