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A story of love and loss

My Person

The first time I opened my eyes

Was a snowy day in March

The ouside world was white, crisp, and cold

But inside, I was warm

The first face I saw was Jamie's

Her big blue eyes peered curiously at me

She grabbed my foot and dragged me over to her

She then promptly shoved my ear into her moiuth and started chewing

I didn't mind, really

I'd already decided Jamie was my person

Jamie took her first steps holding onto me

Granted, she was more dragging me along the floor than I was helping

But still, it was an important moment

And I was there

I was laying on the couch the first time she said "Mama"

She was reaching for me, and couldn't quite reach me

So she called Mama in frustration

Mama came running, and scooped Jamie up, nearly crying with emotion

I would've cried too

If I had tear ducts

When we slept in a big girl bed for the first time, we were both scared

Before that, we had slept in a crib in Mama and Dada's room

Jamie didn't like being all alone

But I reminded her she wasn't all alone

She was with me

She fell asleep that night curled up around me

(But, when we woke up, she was on top of me)

When Mom built us a treehouse, Jamie and I played there all day

She'd bring me up first thing in the morning, and we'd play all day

But one day, when Mom called Jamie in for a snack

She left me there

But she came up the next day

And we played like nothing happened

But more and more often, I'd get left in the treehouse overnight

And soon, the treehouse became my room

I didn't mind waiting in the treehouse for Jamie to come home from school

But I did miss cuddling at night

And the dark was a little scary without Jamie there

Then, something amazing happened


I loved playdates

Jamie's friends would bring friends for me, and we'd all play for hours

I was happier than ever

But one day, Jamie didn't come up to the treehouse

I was scared she'd gotten lost

But later that we she came and we played again

But little by little, Jamie came to the treehouse less and less

Until one day, I fell asleep

And didn't wake up for a long, long time




When I finally woke up, I hardly recognized Jamie

Her cute blonde curls had turned into a long ponytail

She spoke like a grown-up now

Still, I was so excited to see her again. I couldn't wait to play!

But instead of playing, she picked me up and set me inside a large cardboard box

With the play food from the treehouse and the lamp from her room

And she taped it shut

I stayed awake for a little while, watching the shadows inside the box shift with the sun

But soon, I fell asleep again

The next time I woke up, was to sunlight streaming into the box

I was lifted out by a strong pair of hands wearing a beautiful diamond ring

Into a pink and white room

Once my eyes adjusted to the light, I realized it was Jamie holding me-- grown up Jamie!

She smiled at me, and kissed me on the head

Then placed me in a crib

I was confused at first

I thought we were sleeping in a big girl bed now

But I didn't mind a change of scenery

The box had been rather stuffy

I sat in the crib, watching, every day

And every day Jamie would come in with someone else I learned was named "Sweetheart"

Jamie and Sweetheart would move things here and there

Sometimes, they'd bring in new things

Then Sweetheart would kiss Jamie's tummy

And then she'd kiss Jamie

And they'd both say "I'm so excited!"

I was excited too

Even though I didn't know what we were excited for

Then, I found out

I heard loud voices in the middle of the night

Then, I heard the door slam

The next morning, the door creaked open

Letting in a warm spring breeze

The door to my room opened

And Jamie walked in, carrying a little pink blanket

She set it into my crib

And inside the blanket was a tiny little person

She looked just like Jamie when I'd first met her all those years ago

And as she looked up at me with her big blue eyes

I knew Cassie was my person, too

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