Moving Backwards
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A story about how time changes things

Moving Backwards

*The End*

Hot tears stream down my face

All I can see is your back as you walk away

Walk away without a second glance

The ring falls out of my hand

*Three Months Ago*

I nervously scratch at my arm

A bad habit I reverted to when I was especially stressed

"The princess cut diamond in a plantium band? Are you sure, Sir?"

"Yes" I said

*Six Months Ago*

You peppered kisses all over my face

"I can't believe you got the house!"

I held you tight

And kissed the top of your head

"It's our forever house. I had to splurge"

*Nine Months Ago*

You squeezed my hand

Before letting go and running into the waves

I laughed as you got soaked

And ran back to me shivering

Even though it was your fault, I took off my coat so you could keep warm

And you smiled up and me adoringly

*A year ago*

"I love you" you blurted suddenly

I looked up from the pancake I was currenly burning

Shock clearly evidant on my face

"You don't have to say it back-" You tried to cover

"I love you too"

*A year and a half ago*

"You know, I really like hanging out with you" I said

You giggled

"I like hanging out with you too"

"Sooo..." I dragged out the word

You giggled again

"Sooo..." You teased me

"Do you want to maybe be my girlfriend?" I asked

You pressed your lips to mine

And I felt them form the word "yes"

*Two years ago, give or take*

I saw you standing alone by a bench

And gathering up all my courage, I walked over to you

You beamed as you told me your name

And we shook hands, both smiling

"Nice to meet you" I said

*The beginning*

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