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Are mistakes a good or a bad thing for love?


I've made a lot of mistakes in my lifetime

Some big, some small

Some that didn't matter much, some that hurt myself or others deeply

I made a lot of mistakes with you

I was jealous

So worried about losing you that I did

You made mistakes too

A lot of them

Especially the mistakes you made with her, toward the end

But I've forgiven you for that

And I've forgiven myself for it all too

Because I've learned so much from all of those mistakes

And you want to know something?

I'm happy we made those mistakes

Because now that I know, I'll never make them with him

Maybe you and I could have worked, if we'd met later in life

After we'd gotten all our mistakes out of the way

But you were my first, and I yours

He's not so new at this

We've both been hurt before

But because of that our love is stronger

We know how much we have to lose

So thank you, for making mistakes with me

Even if they hurt me at the time, they shaped me into the person I am today

The person that he loves and adores and cherishes

And I love him

Thank you for breaking my heart, my first love

Because I've found someone who is happy to help me put it back together

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