Louder Than Words
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A cute love story

Louder Than Words




A pinch of cinnamon

"It looks delicious baby"

I turned around to see my husband behind me

"What are you making today?"

I smiled and pointed to the recipe on the counter

"Cinnamon bread? You spoil me"

I smiled again, and he placed a kiss on my bare shoulder

"How much longer do you have on these?"

I glanced at the clock, doing the math in my head

I held up 10 fingers

"Alright, I suppose I can wait"

I cocked my head at him, raising an eyebrow

"No, no, I'll wait till you're done. Finish your bread."

I shook my head at him fondly, pouring the batter into the tin


I looked back at him

"You're pretty"

I rolled my eyes, sprinkling the crumb topping over the batter

As soon as I placed the tin in the oven, I felt his arms wrapping around me

I laughed, leaning into him

He whispered in my ear

"You can take a break before cleaning up, can't you?"

I deliberated a moment before nodding my head, and instantly he was kissing my neck

I laughed at him, wrapping my arms around his waist

He whirled me around the kitchen, dipping me into an impromptu dance

When at last we stopped spinning, he pressed a kiss to my forehead

"I love you" He murmured against my skin

I tapped his heart, twice, with two fingers

He held my hand to his chest, looking into my eyes

And the smile he gave me make me feel like I was falling in love all over again

After a moment, he set to helping me clean the kitchen

But only succeed in smearing batter farther across the counter

Shaking my head at him, I took the cloth from his hand and did it the right way

He planted a kiss in my hair, murmuring a thank you

When the bread was done, I pulled it from the oven, and cut us each a thick slice

We sat at the table in silence, enjoying the food and one another


I looked up at him

"I love you"

And part of me wished I could say it back

But I knew that he knew

That actions speak louder than words

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