Lipstick Prints in the Snow
Lipstick Prints in the Snow sweet stories

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Winter romance story. Fiction.

Lipstick Prints in the Snow

by aknier

"I don't know how you can wear bright lipstick in the winter! My lips get too dry." She told me, and I grinned.

"My commitment to looking good is clearly greater than yours" I taunted, and she faked a gasp, before sliding her arms around my waist. "True, you do always look good."

"Hey! You're not allowed to turn this into a compliment." I pouted, pulling away from her. She just giggled, pushing me back onto the couch.

She straddled my legs, leaning forward to 'boop' my nose dramatically and pout back at me. "Stop pouting." She demanded. "You first" I replied.

"Fine, I'll make you." She said, eyes alight with mischief. First, she pressed a kiss to my forehead, before kissing all over my face with feather-light touches.

I refused to crack a smile.

She started to kiss down my jaw, and it was much harder for me to stay still.

"See baby?" She whispered in my ear. "I can do this because I'm NOT wearing unnecessary lipstick."

I groaned, and fliped her over so I'm on top. I grabbed her face in my hands and kissed her hard, and she melted against my touch.

As we pulled away, I giggled as I looked at her mouth. "You're wearing lipstick now, too." She pouted at me again, but not for long as I captured her mouth again.

I could feel her smiling against my lips as we kissed, and I felt burning hot inside even though it was freezing cold outside.

As we pulled back, she said to me, "Baby?" I looked down at her, smiling. "Yes?"

"I love you."

My smile turned into me full-out beaming. I gathered her in my arms, kissing her again and again and murmuring something she couldn't quite catch against her skin.

"What was that?" She panted between kisses.

"I said, I love you too."

And I most certainly did. I loved my girlfriend, and lipstick prints in the snow.

I still do.

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