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by aknier

She had been waiting for this day all week.

Waiting for the guard to pass her baby through the bars.

Her little baby girl, only 4 months old.

She'd named her June, for the month when she'd get out of this place.

She didn't have the heart to tell her baby girl that it wasn't gonna be this June.

It was going to be the June her baby turned 13.

They said she got off light, for a murder case.

They didn't understand why she did it.

They didn't understand that the reason June's father was dead was the reason June was alive at all.

But none of that matters to her anymore. She just holds her baby.

As she rocks her baby girl, she whispers that it's all gonna be alright.

And as the guard rips the child from her arms, she repeats over and over;

"Just wait 'till June, baby girl. I'll see you in June, my love. Just wait till June."

13 years later, a not so baby girl stands outside the prision door. She runs outside, wraps her daughter in her arms.

"It's June, my baby. It's my June."

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